GFA’s Carbon Pricing Article published by World Bank

Posted on 17 Jan, 2020 by Martin Burian, Competence Center Climate & Energy

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) publishes a research paper on a carbon finance instrument, which may leverage private sector investments in the reduction of technical losses in the transmission and distribution system in four East- and Southern African countries. The article was drafted by a team of GFA and UNFCCC experts, submitted to CPLC and was selected in a global competition of research papers.

The paper is accessible here (page 303).

The article is one output of a larger climate change mitigation project, which proposes reactive power compensation interventions in four selected countries having the potential to reduce tech-nical losses by approx. 616.93 GWh/yr while reducing related GHG emissions by approx. 0.55 M ttCO2/yr. These interventions would require approx. 96.49 million USD investments (i.e. w/o cost of capital) from the private sector, which shall be supported through a comprehensive carbon-financing instrument. On behalf of BMU, GFA is currently preparing the implementation of this program, which, if successful, may become Germany’s first program implemented under the Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.