GFA supports the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

Posted on 10 Jul, 2017 by Britta Ziemann and Dr. Lena Giesbert

In April 2017, GIZ awarded GFA a contract to evaluate structures and processes of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (BnT). The evaluation will be a basis for drawing up recommendations for improving the latter, and for drafting the future orientation and constitution of the Partnership. BnT was established in October 2014 as a multi-stakeholder initiative with 147 partners from the business sector, non-governmental organizations, trade unions and the German Government. The Textile Partnership aims at achieving social, ecological and economic improvements all along the textile supply chain.

On behalf of BMZ, the sector project Sustainability in the Textile Supply Chains of the German Association for Cooperation and Development implemented by GIZ is currently providing for the BnT Secretariat. BMZ will be financing the work of the Secretariat until 2018. By then, a concept has to be developed and implemented that will enable the future of the Textile Partnership as an independent organization. The GFA consulting contract is part of drawing up this concept and of efforts to improve current BnT operational structures and processes. The experts’ focus is on two aspects. The basis for cooperation in the Partnership as well as the latter's structures and processes will be examined with regard to their effectiveness and efficiency and, if necessary, suggestions for improvement will be drawn up. On the basis of the status quo analysis and the proposals for improvement, GFA experts will develop drafts for the future orientation of the Partnership and discuss these with decision-making bodies of the Partnership.