Posted on 27 Mar, 2023 by Anja Desai

GFA is pleased to announce that together with the company Tractebel, we have signed an agreement on a transfer of ownership of GKW Consult GmbH to GFA Holding AG. The agreement was signed on 21 March 2023.

Following a strategic and geographic reorientation of Tractebel in 2022, the management of Tractebel and GKW have jointly been looking for a new shareholder for GKW. GKW is grateful for the support it has been accorded by Tractebel over the past years and looks forward to joining GFA to further develop its activities.

In GFA, GKW finds a reputable shareholder with a strong focus on international cooperation as well as a complementary and strategic partner. GFA is convinced that the acquisition of GKW provides exciting opportunities for collaboration that will further increase the range of expertise that the affiliated companies of the GFA Group can offer their clients. Particularly, the acquisition allows GFA to offer integrated service delivery with specific engineering knowledge.

GFA Holding with GFA Consulting Group at its core and further sister and daughter companies, is a leading European consulting firm active in the international cooperation sector. GFA has around 1,400 staff worldwide and an annual turnover of 170 Million EURO. Additionally, GFA has a long track record of providing effective and sustainable solutions to global challenges. Since 1982, GFA has been offering technical expertise in a broad range of sectors through specialized business units. Leading development agencies, ministries and public clients have entrusted the Group with helping them to manage projects financed through bilateral and multilateral funds.

With a history of 70 years, GKW is among the top international independent consultants for environmental engineering with particular focus on water supply, wastewater treatment and disposal, industrial water management, solid waste and regional infrastructure development. GKW services the full project cycle from project identification, feasibility, preliminary and final design, tender preparation and evaluation to construction supervision, commissioning and operation. Modern tools, digital solutions and highly qualified engineers are at the service of clients including from branch offices in India, Morocco, Colombia, Tanzania and a host of other locations. GKW has more than 50 staff at their headquarters in Mannheim, Germany and over 200 staff overseas achieving an average of 15 Million EURO turnover.

GFA and GKW have previously worked together successfully underlining the strategic match for acquisition and implementation of future international cooperation projects around the globe. The two firms look forward to integrating the expertise of GKW into the services of GFA Group.

Both GFA and GKW are driven by a common vision of fostering sustainable development, contributing to tackling climate change and its effects, and ensuring greater impact for the people they ultimately serve.