KfW story about child marriage in Niger

Posted on 21 Jun, 2018 by Monika Franzke

The KfW publishes stories on development issues. One of these stories is about child marriages in Niger: “Forced into marriage as a child ”. This story was written in cooperation with the national social marketing agency ANIMAS-SUTURA in Niger. Since 2003, GFA has been implementing the project “Family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention” on behalf of the KfW. Since April 2018, a new project phase started with the focus on family planning: “Family planning and awareness.”

The project contributes to increasing access to and use of modern contraceptives. It also aims to change the attitudes of population, migrants and refugees towards family planning, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and the age of first marriage, while strengthening the autonomy and continued existence of ANIMAS-SUTURA. Performance indicators track the rise in modern contraceptive prevalence, especially among risk groups including migrants and refugees, favorable attitudes about family planning and HIV / AIDS prevention, as well as the age of first marriage and time between births.