© GFA - Back row, from left to right: Patrick Kaminsky (GKW Consult), Jörn Ackermann (GFA Certification), Daniela Heipel (GFA SysCom), Andreas Hentzien (GFA SysCom), Yazeed Sheqem (TolaData), Heiko Weißleder (GFA Consulting Group), Harald Litterscheid (GFA B.I.S.) Front row, from left to right: Ilona Schadl (GFA Consulting Group), Dietram Oppelt (HEAT), Anja Desai (GFA Consulting Group), Linda Kleemann (TolaData), Daniel Wahby (GFA Beteiligungs GmbH) Missing on the photo: Zoran Kapor (GFA South Eastern Europe), Moritz Lörcher (Projekt-Consult)


Posted on 12 Mar, 2024 by Christoph Rasch

The managing directors from GFA Group companies met in Hamburg at the beginning of March for their annual strategy meeting. In addition to the personal exchange about the activities and current framework conditions of the individual companies, the central topic of the meeting was, above all, the further development of GFA Group as a common platform. Among other things, the managers discussed how synergies between the companies can be strengthened and how a common appearance as a group can be implemented.

"GFA Group is already a broad family of companies with a diverse portfolio and expertise in all relevant fields of international cooperation. We want to further sharpen this profile and leverage new potential through more intensive and better coordinated collaboration," said Anja Desai from the management of GFA Consulting Group GmbH.

You can find an overview of the structure of GFA Group here.