Opening ceremony of four mobile employment agencies in Morocco

Posted on 1 Feb, 2018 by Inke Hase

test On January 24, 2018, the solemn inauguration of four “mobile employment agencies”, funded by the German government, took place in Mechra Bel Ksiri, Morocco. The Minister of Labor Mr. Mohamed Yatin as well as the newly appointed Minister of Health and former Director General of the Moroccan Employment Agency (ANAPEC) Mr. Anas Doukkali officially expressed their appreciation for the project approach during the ceremony. The representative of the German government and the GIZ country director underlined the importance for Morocco's efforts to create additional employment for disadvantaged target groups.

Contracted by GIZ, the GFA project team headed by Sylvia von dem Busche supports the implementation of the development plan of the national employment strategy. Its aim is to improve the employability of target groups in rural and peri-urban areas by introducing mobile employment agencies. 

  At the heart of the project - which started in September 2016 - are mobile units that have been specifically designed and produced in close cooperation with ANAPEC. The project has made it possible for ANAPEC's service package to be adapted to the employment context in rural areas but, moreover, to be attuned to frequently less qualified target groups (e.g. through simplified language or image and video-based information and training materials). In addition to vocational orientation, counseling, and placement services, the project has developed new offers to promote self-employment or vocational training to be offered by the mobile employment agencies in cooperation with local and regional training providers and private companies.

The room layout of the mobile units corresponds to that of an employment agency with (a) a reception area that offers space for individual online research, (b) consultation desks for counseling interviews, and (c) a training room for up to 12 trainees. The mobile units are equipped with LCD screens inside and outside the truck as well as with computers with satellite internet access.  The mobile units can be found in four different pilot provinces that each take the diversity of the Moroccan economic structure into account. The project’s goal is to evaluate the most promising approaches available so that tailor-made services may be provided to the rural population as part of a nation-wide upscaling initiative to be implemented after the project’s end in December 2018.