Posted on 22 May, 2023 by Karl Lüneburg

On the International Day for Biological Diversity, we are reminded of the importance of functioning ecosystems and their role in virtually all aspects of our lives. Today, estimates show that the world economy could lose up to 2.7 trillion USD annually by 2030 if ecological tipping points are reached, while some one million species are threatened with extinction. The potential impact on life on our planet is simply unthinkable. That is why we at GFA are immensely proud to work with our skilled teams on numerous projects around the globe, toward building a shared future for all life on earth.

For instance, in the DRC, GFA’s Natural Resources Management and Environment (NRME) department introduced the KfW Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management Programme (PBF I-IV). GFA provides technical, financial, and administrative advice to the Congolese Institute for Nature Conservation (ICCN) for the protection and sustainable management of six national parks in the country. Working closely with partners such as WWF, local authorities, and communities, we contribute to the protection of the Congo basin ecosystems. This also protects the outstanding biological diversity in the area, including iconic endemic species such as Forest Elephants, Okapi, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, and our closest living relative, the Bonobo. We believe it is crucial to create ownership and benefits for local communities to preserve biodiversity. We do this by enabling participation, providing opportunities, and reducing poverty within and around protected areas.

Photo: Lowland Gorillas in DRC (copyright M. Boutros)