Management of the Facility Investing for Employment

KfW, 2020 - 2027
Contract value: 17,094,672 EUR

The German Government supports selected target countries in their efforts to improve their economic frameworks and investment climate in order to promote sustainable long-term investments and create additional formal jobs in the private sector. This shall be achieved by addressing respective bottlenecks. For this purpose the dedicated cross-country Facility Investing for Employment (IFE) GmbH was established addressing the main challenges preventing such investments. The objective of the IFE is the job creation in selected African Countries (100,000 new jobs within five years). IFE will provide financial support for direct (SME) and indirect (Cluster, Business Environment) job creation at country level. The basic idea is to use grant funding in a smart and catalytic way, so, to close gaps and overcome hurdles for sustainable employment. The funding will have to be linked to investments, will be in combinaion with substantial own contributions and be accompanied by projet preparation masures for implementation as needed. The selected targe countries are Côte dIvoire, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Morrocco, Senega, Rwanda, and Tunisia. This list may be extended to the total number of 10 African countries until the end of the current legislative period in Germany. 


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