E-governance is a key element to modern administrative reform and citizen engagement while it also presents complex challenges. Integrating information and communication technologies into government operations demands substantial infrastructural investments and skilled human resources. In addition, ensuring data security and protecting citizens’ privacy on digital platforms is a significant concern.
Digital divides persist worldwide and increase inequalities in access to e-governance services. Resistance to change within government institutions and among citizens can hinder the adoption of new technologies. Moreover, establishing interoperability between government systems and keeping pace with technological advancements require ongoing efforts and adaptations.

GFA concept and services

© ipuwadol | istockphoto GFA promotes an integrated and holistic e-governance approach that follows the Principles for Digital Development. By recognizing the transformative power of e-governance in fostering inclusive, efficient, and transparent public administration, GFA supports governments and organizations worldwide in developing and implementing citizen-centered digital governance solutions.
GFA makes sure that digital services are user-friendly and accessible through:

  • Capacity Development: Training programs, workshops, and virtual learning platforms to enhance digital governance skills.
  • Policy and Strategy Development: Assisting in the formulation of comprehensive digital governance strategies and frameworks.
  • Implementation Support: Providing technical assistance in deploying digital platforms and ensuring system interoperability.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Promoting international exchange and collaboration among policymakers and experts.
  • Co-Creation and Human-centered Design: Facilitating collaborative processes to design and prototype tailored digital services.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Tracking progress and impact of e-governance initiatives.


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