An estimated 68% of the global population will live in cities by 2050 while 70% of the needed urban infrastructure is yet to be built. Hence, urban areas face multidimensional challenges such as rapid population growth, inadequate infrastructure, environmental degradation, and scarcity of affordable housing. Social inequality and economic disparities within cities further exacerbates the complexity of both urban development crises and problem solving initiatives.

GFA concept and services

© Bartosz Hadyniak | istockphoto GFA supports governments and organizations worldwide in their engagement to implement the New Urban Agenda promoted by UN Habitat III, and to create livable, inclusive and resilient cities. GFA promotes an integrated and holistic urban development approach across all its business units using a wide variety of methods and tools.
More specifically, GFA services comprise but are not limited to capacity development support for local and national governments to strengthen institutions that plan, build, expand and govern cities. This includes networking and international exchange among cities and policy makers as well as policy making and promotion of innovative, inclusive and participatory spatial planning. Moreover, infrastructure building and management support includes sustainable transportation and the provision of basic services.


Jan Prothmann
Director Governance Department
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