Posted on 17 Nov, 2020 by Thea Güttler

The Public Service Journalism Webinar Training Program on COVID-19, which is organized by TRANSFORMASI and implemented through Indonesian German Cooperation by the Ministry of State Administration and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPANRB), and GIZ/GFA shall enter its final stage. Between late July and early November 2020, the program successfully produced 23 in-depth reporting from 38 selected participants, chosen by the selection committee team of 288 applicant journalists.
Many interesting and important issues have been raised by these selected participants.

Apart from the various rapid test tariffs, there are also some topics regarding the Sarungan Penetrates Digital Platform (about innovations made by several ‘pesantren’ or traditional Islamic boarding schools in Yogyakarta to be able to carry out the learning process during this pandemic via streaming on Instagram and Facebook). From: ‘For the sake of Humanity’, ‘Post Office Officer for Cash Social Aid’, to the ‘Detention Room’ (a story from Pekanbaru, Riau), and the ‘Laskar Pemimpi’ from Polimak (which describes the various struggles of the transgender community in the city of Jayapura); all provided help for the children to continue studying at home during COVID-19.

This last mentioned topic also received a warm response from the readers, encouraging the author, Hiswita Pangau, a selected female journalist to state: "I am proud that my article received many positive responses and because of this writing, during mid-November 2020 we will receive funding for One Day One Voice’ activities from FAMM - Forum Aktivis Perempuan Muda Indonesia.Thank you to GIZ, Germany for providing this wonderful learning opportunity." According to Hiswita, the fund is provided as part of a campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination against the transgender community in Papua.
Most of the participants of this program were young journalists in remote areas who had previously never had the opportunity to take part in journalism training or similar programs.

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