Launch of the Joint Action for Sustainable Development platform

Posted on 28 Sep, 2022 by Daniel Otto

On September 26, the  Joint Action for Sustainable Development platform (German: “Gemeinschaftswerk Nachhaltigkeit”) was launched during the 21st annual conference of the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) in Berlin. The Joint Action for Sustainable Development is an initiative of the German Federal Government and the Länder, coordinated by RNE. GFA and our partner Exxeta are supporting RNE in the development of the platform.

Only eight years are left until 2030 to reach all 17 sustainable development goals. Given the current global political situation, the community faces major challenges in implementing activities to achieve the SDGs, which is only possible with a joint effort by political decision-makers and society as a whole. A specialized web-based platform is being developed to make this process easier and more accessible.

The platform – currently available in a beta version – is designed to bring together all active players who contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in Germany: Organizations, associations, private companies, and others. By registering on the platform, participants introduce themselves as part of Joint Action for Sustainable Development, attract wider attention and raise awareness of the current situation. This visualization enables stakeholders to connect more easily and promote their commitment. It also motivates them and new players to commit to new sustainable activities. Registered members can introduce themselves and find partners for joint activities and events while forging new alliances for their projects. The platform enables them to exchange best practices, share insights gained, and expand their network.

In the future, the platform will serve as a home for various communication campaigns, competitions, and contests to increase the visibility of sustainability activities. It will also be used to define specific goals for certain organizations and companies.

GFA and Exxeta are leveraging their understanding of large public sector projects in sustainability and digital innovation combined with high-tech expertise from Germany. We aim to support RNE in developing a product that can be used to connect, explore sustainable best practices, and participate in brainstorm sessions to reach theSDGs. In the project's second component, we are developing an AI-supported web crawler to analyze organizations' websites on their contributions towards the SDGs with a subsequent invitation to join the movement and the platform.

Join the movement now and make yourself visible on the platform:
#rne2022 #gemeinschaftswerknachhaltigkeit #jahreskonferenz #sdg @GIZ @RNE @Exxeta

Video with English subtitles will follow soon...

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