Posted on 20 Apr, 2021 by Clarisse Goffard

GFA is currently implementing an e-learning training on a fully functional Learning Management System (LMS) platform developed by its Senegalese partner Volkeno, which has been customized for the GIZ-funded project “Successful in Senegal”:

The training focuses on three main soft skills, namely communication, work ethics, and career management. The format and instructional design of the training offer an interactive and modern content suited for young Senegalese between 15-35 years old to improve their employability and help them integrate into the labour market.

The format of the training is asynchronous and self-paced, with users managing their training path independently within a period of eight weeks. Users have access to a training portal through a desktop or a mobile application available on Android and IOS. They are able to start, stop and continue their training any time, and to monitor progress. After completing all requirements, users can obtain an automatically generated training certificate. The platform also offers an administration portal, where training providers can follow up on main indicators and check all available results of users, including answers to quizzes and open-end questions as well as contributions to the platform’s forum.

The platform and respective servers are load balancing and can host more than 2,000 users at the same time. Support is guaranteed 24/7 for users to help them navigate or solve any technical issues that may arise. The data collected in the backend is only available to authorized staff, while also stored and used in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The e-learning training has been developed and deployed within a record time of three months, which included the elaboration of all course concepts and contents, adapting and customizing the LMS platform to the needs of the training and the project, as well as uploading all contents to the platform, running a test phase and implementing all feedback loops. The e-learning training is expected to last until 31.12.2021.
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