International alliance for a human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence

EU, 2020 - 2023
Contract value: 2,497,100 EUR

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a top priority for the EU. The European Commission in close collaboration with the European External Action Service and the Member States are engaging with like-minded partners in international fora to advance common approaches to human-centric AI. In the past years, the EU has developed an approach to AI that supports and promotes the development and uptake of AI across Europe, while ensuring that the technology is developed and used in a way that fully respects European values and principles. This human-centric approach to AI should become a reference at global level. Promotion of an appropriate ethical and legal framework globally will facilitate AI deployment and foster trust, thereby benefiting businesses and citizens. Through the mobilization of logistical resources and expertise within the project, the EU aims to complement the ongoing international processes through joint initiatives with the key interested partners. The project will support existing Dialogues with EU partners, at both bilateral and multilateral level. Synergies will be created with the existing facilities to support sectoral dialogues. This contract contributes to the overall objective to contribute to the setting up of a framework for ethics and trust to enable the growth of AI in accordance with EU and universally recognised values and prepare the ground for global alliance building in this field.

The purposes of this contract are to support the EU to develop responsible leadership in global discussions around AI (legal and ethical aspects, best practices, research etc.), create the conditions for the uptake of policies and good practices/standards that ensure appropriate ethical and legal framework on AI, and to improve public awareness of the challenges and opportunities associated with AI. 

Regarding bilateral policy dialogues, the project initially focuses on Japan, Canada and Australia; another like-minded countries to be considered in the future is South Korea. Several more will be potentially targeted.


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Factsheet (PDF)


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