Reducing risk-factors for Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

SDC, 2020 - 2024
Contract value: 6,868,100 CHF

The overall goal of the project is to mitigate NCD related risk factors, morbidity and mortality in the Ukrainian population. Therefore, the proposed interventions included in the project will focus on policy and community approaches to reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, address the importance of physical exercise and balanced nutrition, and increase public awareness about risks associated with being overweight, in the general population as well as in specific target populations. In parallel to these prevention related activities, the project will also strengthen capacity in primary health care (PHC) for both the prevention and management of NCDs. Although cancers and CRDs are not directly addressed by the project, by focusing on common risk factors and strengthening PHC capacities, the project will indirectly benefit the prevention and management of these conditions. Project implementation will specifically focus on three outcomes on 

1. strengthening national and regional public health authorities’ ability to contribute to the implementation of the NCD NAP, 
2. strengthening the capacity of primary healthcare providers to ensure efficient and good quality services for the prevention and care of people with NCDs, and
3. strengthening the capacity of communities.

Whilst the first two outputs focus on building capacity of schools and the education sector, output 3-6 focus on strengthening the public health system and communities in their capacity to deliver clear interventions and campaigns.


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