© Baranov | As a leading consultancy firm since 1982, GFA has a long-standing experience in helping national ministries, regional bodies and municipalities to strengthen their country’s environmental governance. In this context, GFA experts work with subsidiaries and strategic partners to craft tailor-made interventions in response to needs related to three main pillars, i.e. goal-oriented policy and legislation, institutional capacity for planning, implementation and enforcement, and evidence gathering and interpretation. Relevant, evidence-based policies focus on priority public health and environmental issues. Effective governance requires that involved line ministries and other stakeholders identify with such policies.

Often, ministries responsible for environmental management have adopted narrow, legalistic methods, engage only to a limited extent with their regulated sectors and associated ministries, and are significantly under-resourced. Compounding these challenges, government communication with stakeholders and the general public may be weak in terms of providing information and a platform to hear people's voices. GFA provides direct support to ministries and other actors to overcome these challenges and to make best use of available resources.

GFA concept and services

GFA aims at promoting and supporting a sustainable governance framework appropriate to a country’s traditions while taking into account relevant international standards and the legitimate interests and needs of sectoral stakeholders and the general public. As part of the evidence pillar, our consultancy services include the assessment of actual environmental and ecological monitoring systems as well as specifying improvements and facilitating their implementation. Advising on environmental information systems and using them to assess the impacts of policy implementation is an equally important task. GFA experts advise on available policy options and analyze and discuss with our partners the development of policy measures and standards. Where needed and requested they draft suitable legislation and implementing regulations.

Institutional capacity building is an integral task. GFA advises on appropriate structures, administrative processes, personnel numbers and skills, budgetary and equipment needs. Our teams of experts identify and facilitate the implementation of essential information and communication technology. We assess priority training needs and provide targeted training as well as on-the-job support. GFA emphasizes effective communication. Therefore, we provide stakeholder liaison and coordination services, develop information networks and design communication strategies. In addition, we assist in the implementation of related measures and support awareness raising activities and outreach programs.


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