Citizen Security Program / Programa Seguridad Ciudadana – Territorial component

SDC, 2019 - 2022
Contract value: 3,680,000 CHF

Honduras continues to be strongly marked by high levels of violence and insecurity. However, a positive trend in the homicide rate has been made, which is also related to advances in the creation of a new generation of better-qualified and better-trained police. At the same time, corruption and impunity remain at alarming levels. The program puts its focus on citizen security, involving the Attorney Generals Office and the Judicial Branch (chain of justice) more directly, to contribute to reducing the high rate of impunity, and to improve access to justice. As the phenomena of insecurity and violence vary considerably in the territory, security and justice strategies need to rely on a territorial approach. GFA is contracted to execute this Territorial Component in the region Golfo de Fonseca and La Mosquitia, in parallel to the National Component executed by the Competence Center for Security Sector Reforms (DCAF). The overall program aims at three objectives, while GFA contributes to the first and is responsible for the second and third:

1. Institution-building in the security and justice sector, both at the national and territorial levels. The main focus will be the construction of institutional integrity: regulation of the professional career and reform of the training system for police officers, prosecutors and judges (meritocracy). Effective personnel control system; application of human rights and gender policies and proportional use of force in the police; psycho-social accompaniment of young graduates of the police school.
2. Local security plans, and social violence prevention projects in implementation.
3. The creation of a territorial approach, which articulates, on the one hand, national policies with territorial and local policies. 


Peace And Security


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