Climate Sensitive Waste Management

GIZ, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 669,290 EUR

By taking up the challenge to reduce GHG emissions and move toward a circular economy (CE) waste sector, Serbia is moving towards the successful EU-accession and contributes to the fight against global warming and the overwhelming worldwide challenge to reduce plastic and other harmful wastes. The introduction of CE bares a lot of potential for the Serbian private sector, citizens, including marginalized communities, and the environment. Therefore, the core objective of the TC-measure DKTI Climate Sensitive Waste Management in Serbia is: “A waste circular economy contributing to climate change mitigation is introduced in selected regions of Serbia”. These include the regions of Novi Sad, Kruševac, and Lapovo.

Our approach to achieving the project´s core objective is built on three pillars:

  1. Strengthening LSGs in CE SWM
  2. Supporting SMEs in utilization of SRM
  3. Involvement of the informal sector to increase recycling rates

The pillars are carried by a holistic capacity building strategy, which is aligned with the DKTI IMPACT CD strategy and supported by the framework provided by the National CE Strategy and the National Waste Management Strategy, which are currently being developed by GIZ and revised in cooperation with the EU respectively.


Promoting Sanitation And Hygiene
Climate Change
Resources and Waste Management


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