Diagnosis of the water system of Mykolaiv city

ICRC, 2023 - 2023
Contract value: 86,640 EUR

As part of its activities to support the population of Mykolaiv, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) plans to extend its support beyond repairing current damage to a more long-term, holistic and structured approach. The overall objective of the ICRC with regard to the water supply in Mykolaiv is to improve the resilience of the local water supply and to build the capacity of the water utility so that it is better prepared to face future challenges. In order to maximize the impact of the ICRCs activities and help Mykolaiv Vodokanal optimize other external support, it is important to conduct a global diagnosis of the entire water supply system in order to address the most critical needs and opportunities in a structured manner. Improving operational resilience, energy efficiency and operator capacity will be a key focus of ICRC support. The diagnostic study aims to assess the current state of the entire Mykolaiv water supply system, identify its weaknesses and propose critical actions to be completed in the short to medium term.  The study will be carried out in two phases (inception and diagnosis and proposed measures phase).


Promoting Sanitation And Hygiene
Displacement And Migration


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