Over 70 percent of the global population lack any form of social safety net. Thus, social protection systems are a necessity to elevate poverty and to reduce the economic and social exposure of poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups. The majority of the latter are working in the informal sector, which further exacerbates structural poverty. While some emerging economies have initiated social protection policies and programs, many low-income nations struggle due to underfunding and fragmented systems that lead to low coverage among the poor and vulnerable. Despite these obstacles, there is a growing recognition of social protection as a success factor in stimulating productivity and inclusive growth. The debate now centers on how best to design and finance related systems, considering universal versus targeted coverage. In the post-2015 agenda, social protection is recognized as a human right and essential for sustainable economic development and achieving global goals. In addition, its role in responding to crises, conflicts, climate change impacts and migration highlights its increasing relevance in a variety of contexts.

GFA concept and services

© filipefrazao | GFA supports governments worldwide in strengthening their social protection policies and mechanisms to empower people and administrations. Related measures to develop and implement more efficient systems will increase social protection coverage.
With its in-house expertise and wide network of experts, GFA offers technical assistance in strengthening social health protection or establishing conditional cash transfer systems and social assistance. Teams of consultants make policy advise and institutional development available to governments as well as capacity development and training and awareness raising for government officials, non-governmental actors and local communities. Monitoring and the analysis of social protection mechanisms are also part of the company’s portfolio.


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Portfolio Manager
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