Insecure and conflict-affected environments are an obstacle to development. They are prone to social and economic deficits, which impede sustainable development. Therefore, safeguarding peace and security is an immense challenge for governance in a lot of developing countries. Civil war can become a risk for a whole region as conflicts can easily spread across borders. Moreover, regions strewn by conflict and insecurity do not provide fertile ground for development aid. At the same time, states with weak governments, which cannot achieve development goals, are more inclined to conflict than others. A lot of countries suffer from state fragility, meaning that states lack adequate capacities to cope with conflicts of interests, to protect its population, to uphold rule of law principles and to deliver public services. Such countries often pose a threat to security and peace at a global scale as they may easily become a safe haven for terrorist activities.

GFA concept and services

© Prakich Treetasayuth | istockphoto GFA operates in a whole range of countries which are either prone to conflict, recover from violent clashes or are particularly fragile environments. In this context, conflict sensitivity constitutes a key element of GFA’s work in all its projects.
GFA recognizes that peace and security and sustainable development are mutually interdependent goals and help ensure sustainable development. In order to promote peace and security, GFA promotes social cohesion and inclusion in order to address underlying grievances that can spur conflict. At the same time, GFA supports peace building and reconciliation measures to achieve sustainable peace and security. Reconciliation programs address past grievances to enhance trust and understanding among former conflict adversaries. Support to civil society and dialogue between the state and civil society play a key role in this process.

GFA experts engage in capacity building and institutional strengthening to enhance a country’s capability in managing conflicts of interests peacefully. We support the reinstallation of governance structures through state-building measures and the strengthening of public institutions in our partner countries. In post-conflict situations, GFA also provides hands-on support through rebuilding efforts and the provision of basic services in. By taking into account the multi-dimensional nature of peace and security, GFA addresses conflict transformation not only at the national but also at the local and regional level.


Dr. Victoria Jennett


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