Sustainable development cannot exist without peace and security. Today, the lives and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide are threatened by violent conflicts and crises. To recover from and prevent such calamities, GFA aims to help partners achieve the SDGs. To this effect, accountable and resilient institutions make citizens feel safe and secure in their everyday life. The structural causes of violent conflicts need to be addressed and capacities for peaceful conflict transformation have to be developed.


Conflicts and security threats are becoming more and more protracted and intricate. Related problems are not only often linked to weak governance and rule of law, poverty, inequalities, lack of public participation, but also to discrimination and gender inequalities, radicalization and violent extremism, forced displacement and migration, climate change, and environmental degradation.

GFA concept and services

© Prakich Treetasayuth | istockphoto GFA is not only experienced in operating in fragile environments but focuses on the concept of state-building. Through our experts seek to overcome fragile statehood in a process based on a constructive and inclusive relationship between state and society. Based on experience, the NGO landscape of a state often reflects the challenges faced by the respective society. Therefore, GFA is convinced that civil society and the private sector are indispensable partners in reform processes to root institutions in society, and eventually to make state-building processes sustainable beyond mere institution building. In many projects, GFA has contributed to the creation of effective public space for dialogue so that citizens have an opportunity to gain experience in democratic processes through their participation in such platforms.


Katja Trappe-Willms
Portfolio Manager
E-mail: katja.trappe-willms[at]