Business Development Services on Green Economy

GIZ, 2021 - 2023
Contract value: 1,132,840 EUR

The project crossways with several technical support areas including: Private sector development, energy, water, climate etc. aiming to improve the production framework conditions, making it more environmentally friendly and resource efficient, thus creating a more sustainable action. The target sectors of the project are food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles and mining and the target group are medium to large industrial companies since they are considered of the large polluters in Jordan, in terms of waste generation, water and energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Hence by working with them, there is a higher chance to co-finance investments into a cleaner production. The project applies multilevel approach to capacity development, by following the outputs, two of which are the responsibility of GFA:

Output 1: Seeks to promote capacities at state level to develop and implement policy instruments to promote and foster a more environmentally friendly production.
Output 2: Capacities of selected providers for support services (both technical and financial) in the field of environmentally friendly and resource efficient production (“green BDS services”) will be strengthened.
Ooutput 3: Addresses the company level directly. The support to selected companies in the implementation of environmental protection and resource-saving production measures serves to consolidate the capacity building measures at meso level by coaching and accompanying service providers in the deployment of advisory services to companies.

GFA is responsible for achieving the part of the objectives of Output 2. GFA experts from different departments will work with local partners and the team leader to make concession to the interdisciplinary scope of the project, cutting across the different technical support areas. 





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