EU4Energy Labelling and Ecodesign

EU, 2019 - 2022
Contract value: 1,499,950 EUR

Overall objective of the project is to contribute to the establishment of legislative and institutional capacities in line with the EU regulation, for the efficient carrying out of accession negotiations and for fulfilling the requirements of EU membership. The purpose of the project is to assist Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy to improve the implementation of technical regulations that refers to energy efficiency of energy related products on the market, through the strengthening of market inspection, improvement of conformity assessment, awareness rising on energy efficiency benefits and increase visibility of labelling and marking the energy related products.
At the heart of our implementation strategy is establishing a monitoring, verification and enforcement (MV&E) regime as to ensure compliance of products with national energy efficiency standards and labelling programs. Conformity assessment services are a core element of MV&E regimes ensuring compliance of the marketplace. Establishing a MV&E regime will help the Serbian Government to:

  • Monitor the market dynamics for energy related products (ErPs) covered by the project with the aim to monitor and control the energy consumption and GHG emissions caused by ErPs to elaborate and implement more effective energy efficiency policies and programs;
  • design and implement more effective market surveillance strategies and programmes for Eco-design and Energy Labelling products by optimizing resources, conformity assessment costs in coordination with other market surveillance aspects like product safety;
  • establish an enforcement regime focusing on avoiding (pre-market) rather than identifying non-compliances (post-market) after products have been placed on the market. To achieve this, partnership among relevant public and private stakeholders needs to be encouraged.

In addition, to help smooth implementation of this MV&E regime, capacity building and awareness raising is implemented to:

  • Promote partnership among all stakeholders; always remembering that compliance of marketplace is for the benefit of all parties;
  • encourage the supply chain to supply more efficient and compliant products and raise awareness of consumers and end-users on energy efficiency and compliance of products thereby reducing the burden of market surveillance;
  • raise awareness of suppliers (manufacturers, their authorized representatives, importers, etc.) on the use of benefits and advantages of third party, independent accredited conformity assessment services;
  • raise awareness of conformity assessment bodies on the benefits and advantages of accreditation for their conformity assessment services.

In this way, the proposed approach will help the Serbian Government to initiate:

  • Accelerated transformation of the market towards more efficient ErPs;
  • enhanced accredited product testing capacity under EU Eco-design and Energy Labelling legislation and making Serbia a regional Centre of Excellence for conformity assessment services under the EU Eco-design and Energy Labelling legislation;
  • get ready to take part in concerted actions for joint market surveillance programs/projects among EU Member States.


Energy Efficiency


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