Reducing plastic waste in the Americas

Brazil, Colombia, multi-country
EU, 2021 - 2024
Contract value: 2,997,240 EUR

Ensuring sustainable patterns of consumption and production: The overall objective of the project is to reinforce the EU’s leading role in transitioning to plastics of the future along with contributing to high performing recycle industries and durable plastics. This project assists the EU in reaching its global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives via supporting the international elements of the EU Plastic Strategy for the America‘s Region. The project also supports the transition to sustainable production and consumption of plastics in the America‘s Region that significantly reduces marine and riverine litter through supporting European approaches, policies and business models. The project aims toward achieving the following results:

  • Enhancing the basis for all relevant EU policy dialogues that involve plastic production and management.
  • Supporting the implementation of waste hierarchies; expanding producer responsibilities and deposit return schemes for plastic products and plastic waste.
  • Implementing activities for sustainable production and consumption of plastic.
  • Strengthening green procurement processes, policies and cooperation.
  • Increasing the awareness within the public authorities and consumers on sustainable consumption and plastic production in terms of environmental impact.


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