Improving the Quality of VET through Establishment of Sectoral Centres of Excellence - IQVETIII

EU, 2021 - 2024
Contract value: 11,104,356 EUR

The overall objective of the project was to invest in human capital by improving the quality of education and training. The purpose of the contract was to improve quality through Sectoral Centers of Excellence (SCoE) by improving the quality of vocational and technical education. This was to be achieved by developing knowledge, skills and competences in line with EQARF and EQAVET through the training of teaching and administrative staff, improving the learning environment, making VET an attractive option for students and strengthening cooperation between schools, social partners and the private sector through the establishment of SCoEs.

The proposed operation consisted of three components: a grant scheme, a supply component and a service component. This created a holistic and complementary approach to improve the quality of staff and services of the MoNEs DG VET and to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders. It also aimed to strengthen the relevance of the system with EQAVET principles. The operation was designed to improve QAS, human resources, cooperation and public opinion on VET, focusing on relevance and effectiveness while aligning with EQAVET and EQARF principles. The operation provided results and improvements in several EQAVET indicators, focusing on the relevance of quality assurance systems for VET providers, investment in the training of teachers and trainers, mechanisms for identifying training needs in the labor market, use of acquired skills in the workplace, placement-, completion-, and participation-rates in VET programs.


Tvet & Skills Development


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