Improving the management of migration challenges

GIZ, 2019 - 2020
Contract value: 894,770 EUR

ProGEM aimed to strengthen the capacity of Niger’s local authorities and public institutions to deal with the effects of migration. The aim was to better understand the consequences of migration on the country’s development and that of the territorial communities, to manage the consequences of migration more coherently and to improve the sustainable development of territorial communities. The project operated in the regions of Agadez, Zinder and Tahoua and involves 12 selected communes, including urban communes, rural communes and regional capitals. The project was composed of three fields of intervention. GFA was responsible for developing individual organizational capacities through trainings and proximity support measures in the municipalities and intervention regions of the program within the fields 2 and 3: (1) Promotion of the national dialog on experiences and achievements in the field of migratory effect. Implementation of priority development and infrastructure actions in the communes, (2) the level of knowledge of municipalities along migratory routes and STDEs on the positive and negative effects that migration dynamics can have on the sustainable development of municipalities and/or regions is improved, and (3) development actions identified as priorities by the municipalities to improve the management of migratory impacts are implemented.




Peace And Security
Displacement And Migration


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