Preparation of long-term strategy and law on climate action

North Macedonia
EU, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 1,149,804 EUR

In the context of North Macedonia’s accession process to the EU, GFA supports the country with regard to the specific requirements linked to climate change in Chapter 27. The project’s overall objective is to support the Beneficiary Country in achieving the long-term goals of climate action, with perspective of achieving a low carbon emissions and climate resilient development. The project’s specific objective is to support the preparation, development and drafting of the Law on Climate Action and supportive strategic documents on climate action required in the long-term. In details, the project team foresees to implement following activities:

  • Carry out the necessary analyses of the current situation and conditions in the Beneficiary country and assessments in preparation of the drafting and further implementation of the Law on Climate Action and supportive strategic documents on Climate Action required in the long-term
  • Establish a strong and sustainable framework for coordinating climate action by development the national legal framework for climate action
  • Establish the monitoring mechanism of GHG emissions in line with the EU Monitoring Mechanism Regulation No 525/2013
  • Strengthen the administrative capacity in line with EU accession in achieving low carbon competitive economy and climate resilient society/economy
  • Raise awareness on climate action, support the stakeholders’ consultations and facilitate inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral cooperation on the strategy and law


Climate Change


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