Decentralization support program

KfW, 2014 - 2024
Contract value: 4,816,714 EUR

The Financial Cooperation Decentralization Support Project ( phase I and II) aims to strengthen eight municipalities (phase I: Tchaoudjo 1, Zio 1, Kloto1/ phase II: Lac 1, Koza, Sotouboua 1, Ogou 1, Tône 1) and the surrounding rural areas by promoting local economic cycles, in particular through the sustainable use of the economic and administrative infrastructure provided. The two phases of the project also aim to improve local governance in order to help provide the population of the eight towns with economic infrastructure, basic public services and political participation at the municipal level, so that they can become regional growth poles and contribute to improving the living conditions of the population.

At the institutional level, the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Local Authorities (MATDCL) is the project manager for the PAD. The Agence dexécution des travaux urbains (AGETUR) is the delegated project manager. It is assisted by GFA Consulting Group GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Main activities:

  • Promotion of local economic cycles, in particular through the construction or rehabilitation of priority economic and administrative income-generating infrastructures (construction and rehabilitation of markets and a civil status building).
  • Capacity building of municipal administrations in the following areas: participatory planning of infrastructure (so-called "small municipal projects"), project management/supervision of works, procurement, revenue generation and collection, financial management and control, implementation, management and sustainable maintenance of infrastructure.

Establishment of an innovative citizen monitoring and evaluation system to increase transparency and accountability of local government processes and promote local participation.


Decentralization Serves People´S Needs


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