Capacity building for the aquaculture sector

GIZ, 2021 - 2024
Contract value: 849,076 EUR

The Country Package Cambodia, (CP CAM - Fishing for food security in Cambodia), contributes measurable outputs to all three GP fish action fields. In accordance with the module’s goal for the CP CAM, Cambodias food-insecure population enjoys better access to more fish products along with increased income from sustainable, resource-efficient pond aquaculture and rice field fisheries. The fields of action were defined as follows:

  • More fish, more work: Boost both the production and the associated opportunities for employment in small-scale aquaculture.
  • Sustainable fish: Improve the political framework and innovations for the implementation of sustainable, resource-efficient aquaculture and community fish refuge, (CFR), rice field fisheries in Cambodia.
  • Less fish from IUU, (illegal, unreported, unregulated fisheries): Ensure the adoption of transparent procedures by village communities for the fisheries management in rice fields and ensure compliance via monitoring.

This project relates to the component of promoting sustainable aquaculture, (mainly toward more fish, more work). Its focus is on promoting small-scale pond aquaculture which includes extensive and semi-intensive fish cultivation at the household level as well as capacity development of hatcheries within the intervention area. The target group includes existing fish farmers who own several years of experience, as well as resettled people entering fish farming as a new business.


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