Improve livelihood of local communties

ADB, 2015 - 2017
Contract value: 1,775,000 USD

The three outputs of this project were as follows:

1. Capacity of forest management line agencies in SFM strengthened:
Review and establish a knowledge base, including on gender issues, of available studies and research on SFM in similar geographical conditions and household fuel efficiency. The knowledge base established needs and capacity of forest management line agencies on establishment of SFM plans and capacity of line agencies, including forest units at aimag and soum levels; models for replacing coal fuel, and exploration of international experiences; establishment of future operations qualifying for funding under the joint crediting mechanism between MEGDT and the Government of Japan; and awareness-raising on alternative fuel for heating and SFM for the general public. 

2. Forest product value chains and FUG capacity improved:
Capacity building to FUGs for development of technical and business skills and value chain for deadwood processing, branding, and marketing, and for relations with the private sector; development of marketing plans for deadwood; and improvement of SFM. That included the implementation of forest management plans, collection of deadwood, community-based forest management planning for FUGs, and survey of volume and types of deadwood and non-timber forest products.

3. Technology for wood processing systems demonstrated.
Explore pilot technologies for processing extracted deadwood, and seek options for increasing fuel efficiency by testing technology to process deadwood for furniture production; technology to process deadwood as fuel for heating; and technology for improved fuel efficiency and building insulation.


Forest Landscape Restoration


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