Strengthening social entrepreneurship for migration and development

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon
SDC, 2021 - 2023
Contract value: 1,714,092 EUR

GFA implements the core phase of the “Social Entrepreneurship for Migration and Development” (SEMD) project. This phase is part of the regional program “Decent Work in the Middle East”, which is funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), under the “Global Program Migration and Development (GPMD)”. The project ultimately aims to contribute toward strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem and performs as an activating catalyst for the initiation, development and implementation of innovative social solutions in order to benefit migrants, refugees, their families and host communities in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. The social impact of this program will be achieved via delivering products, services and employment opportunities formed by the social enterprises. Vulnerable groups benefit from these solutions through a variety of examples such as affordable health care and housing, tailor-made education, accessibility to financial solutions, and the provision of information services regarding decent labor practices. The project focuses on the following three intended outcomes that shall combine to form the overall goal:

  • The key stakeholders positively enhance the ecosystem toward forming a stimulus for developing all migrants at national and regional levels.
  • Social enterprises involved in market-oriented solutions that actively benefit the migrants and refugees shall be provided with more effective and sustainable support from the Social Entrepreneurship Support Structures (SEST).
  • Entrepreneurship is to be encouraged and suitably scaled according to various migrant development solutions, with the overriding aim for the sustainable implementation of solutions across national, regional and cross-regional levels.



Labour Market & Employment Promotion
Displacement And Migration


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