Vocational education and training in the western region of Mongolia, phase III

SDC, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 2,501,717 EUR

The project provides support to the development of a conducive legal framework for youth employment. It will also country-wide up-scale the Youth Employment Service Desks (YESD) for young job-seekers at the local labour divisions. Furthermore, the project aims at reinforcing the national Start-Up Support Program for innovative young entrepreneurs and start-ups. This third phase of the project is designed to complement the interventions of the previous phases by focusing on the integration of the new services and programs into the structures of the respective institutions and into the state budget planning at national but also at local level. Thus, this phase aims in particular to achieve sustainability of project results by increasing local ownership of the piloted employment services and start-up programs. In order to increase the youth employment the project focuses on three outcomes: (1) National laws and regulations form a more conducive legal framework for youth employment, (2) Youth Employment Support Services (YESS) are embedded in the local labor divisions/departments and YESD (Youth Employment Service Desks) are up-scaled country-wide, and (3) the national start up support program is reinforced through capacity-building and integrating lessons learned from the project-led pilot.



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