Impact of Covid-19 on future skills requirements and TVET strategy re-prioritization

EBRD, 2021 - 2023
Contract value: 326,968 EUR

The Egyptian Ministry of Education and Technical Education (MoE TE) requested the EBRD to provide advice through a consultancy contract on the design and implementation of inclusive and gender-sensitive policy responses, taking into account the various impacts on future skills requirements, and to support the re-prioritization of the TVET strategy in Egypt. The EBRD study "Advising the Ministry of Education and Technical Education on the impact of Covid-19 on Future Skills Requirements and TVET Strategy Re-Prioritization in Egypt" was conducted in partnership with MoSEEEA (Ministry of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs).

The study aimed to develop a country mapping of Egyptian economic migration, followed by an international and local skills assessment of labor market skills requirements and identification of skills gaps, taking into account gender and inclusion aspects, as well as shortcomings and challenges in TVET provision. As a result, policy recommendations were developed for a re-prioritization of Egypts TVET strategy priorities and a HRD strategy including cross-border cooperation with a focus on TVET graduates, as well as a governance model for regular migration that would include a complete package (certified training, capacity building, accreditation, etc.) to support migrants before and after their departure from Egypt.


Labour Market & Employment Promotion


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