The COVID-19 pandemic put unprecedented strain on health systems, directly and indirectly affecting morbidity and mortality across the globe. It revealed structural fragilities within health systems and the urgent need to make them more resilient to future threats such as new pandemics, antimicrobial resistance, conflicts, and natural disasters due to climate change.

By definition, a resilient health system has the capacity to effectively prevent, prepare for, and respond to such shocks in a way that allows it to sustain required operations and resume optimal performance as quickly as possible.

To this end, governments need well-functioning, adequately resourced and efficiently managed health systems with comprehensive health services packages. Well-motivated and competent health professionals are as decisive in such a system as functioning information systems, and solid financing mechanisms. Strong and effective leadership to mobilise and coordinate all available resources is a key success factor.

GFA concept and services

© torwaiphoto | For more than 25 years, GFA’s Health department has assisted governments in undertaking complex health sector reform processes to improve systems performance, mainly in low and middle income countries. As a result, the company has contributed to moving towards universal health coverage and improving health-related Sustainable Development Goal 3.

GFA offers a wide range of services to assess the resilience of and build resilient health systems. These include strengthening financing mechanisms and health insurance schemes, building infrastructure, procuring medicines as well as equipment, and developing evidence-based policies as well as organizational and legal setups. GFA also supports capacity development of health professionals through classroom, online and blended trainings, long-term mentorship and national as well as decentralized workshops. GFA promotes inter-sectoral coordination and local community engagement in relation with health promotion and social and behavior change interventions. GFA’s system strengthening efforts adopt a gender-transformative approach to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women in healthcare and leadership positions within government.


Eva Schildbach
Director Health Department
E-mail: eva.schildbach[at] 


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