© GFA GFA develops and implements energy projects worldwide along the energy value chain - from sustainable production to consumption. Embedded in this multi-layered ecosystem, the cross-cutting issues of renewable hydrogen, often referred to as green hydrogen (GH2), and energy storage benefit from the synergies arising from this integrated knowledge and approach.


Comprehensive GH2/PtX expertise

Green hydrogen (GH2) and its derivatives, Power to X (PtX), have emerged as a key element in the global energy transition. GH² and PtXffer a promising pathway to decarbonize hard-to-abate industries such as steel, cement, aviation, shipping, and heavy-duty transport, while also addressing the intermittency and storage challenges of renewable energy sources (RES). The European Union recognizes the importance of hydrogen for global decarbonization and has set ambitious targets to produce 10 million tons of renewable hydrogen by 2030, with the same amount in imports by that year (source). In Germany, the Federal Government adopted a National Hydrogen Strategy in 2020 (NWS) and reserved 2 billion from a 9 billion EUR investment plan for fostering strategic international partnerships (source).

© GFA Countries in the global south, in particular, can benefit from their favorable geographic profiles for GH2/PtX production as they predominantly have optimal RES and low production costs. By taking advantage of this, they can not only meet their own national climate targets but also create export potential that positively contributes to economic and social development. This provides an excellent opportunity for sustainable growth and cross-border cooperation.

Since mid-2019, GFA has been at the forefront of global GH2/PtX development, and has realized international technical and financial cooperation projects for international development banks and development agencies such as the (German) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.  Drawing on our extensive and in-depth sector expertise, we have assisted the governments of  Algeria, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Republic of Tunisia, the Kingdom of Morocco, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, The Republic of Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa, among others, to create and enable regulatory, legal, and policy environments for the GH2/PtX market ramp-up.

Our Service Portfolio

  1. Adjustment of relevant policy and regulations on GH2/Power-to-X (PtX) and development of GH2 strategies and roadmaps
  2. Conduction of GH2 market assessments and creation of an enabling framework for GH² market development
  3. Provision of technical and economic advice on scalability of PtX applications, including value chain analyses
  4. Environmental and Social Impact Assessments for GH2/PtX projects
  5. Development of financing solutions for GH2/PtX projects
  6. Leading a relevant GH2/PtX management & procurement process
  7. Provision of technical assistance for GH2/PtX infrastructure development

What makes GFA special for renewable hydrogen projects

© JONGHO SHIN | istockphoto By implementing our services in key future hydrogen markets, we are not only constantly applying and expanding our expertise, but also our network. Our close collaboration with governments, institutions, and key decision-makers provides valuable insights into market trends and local developments and access to experienced sector experts. A profound understanding of the regional and local context is critical for any GH2/PtX project.

We are well-positioned for future opportunities thanks to our internal technical capabilities, our broad network of highly competent experts, and access to the latest GH2/PtX innovative thinking.


Ulrich Theuerkauf
Director Energy Department
E-mail: ulrich.theuerkauf[at]