Reproduction health program

KfW, 2017 - 2021
Contract value: 2,772,000 EUR

The reproductive health program supports the Tillabéri Regional Public Health Department (DRSP) and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) in carrying out the National Health Development Plan (PNDS) 2016-2020 in the field of reproductive health.

The project aims to improve the supply and increase of demand for reproductive health (RH) services through its three components in the Tillabéri region: 

  • performance-based funding mechanism for RH services;
  • upgrading by rehabilitation, construction and / or extension and equipment of public health facilities; 
  • development of community-based communication and distribution activities.

Quality of care will also be enhanced by one-off training focused on emergency obstetric and newborn care ((EmONC). Subsidies under the purchase fund enable the Management Committees (COGES) and medical staff to find their own solutions for the most urgent problems, especially for the availability of medicines and small repairs to the health center. The system of redistributing part of the income from the results-based financing mechanism (RBF) will motivate staff. Support to the regional health administration and the districts (in technical assistance, provision of equipment and skills development) will help it to perform better. The data from the Service Performance Procurement Fund will inspire the discussion on the proper management and supervision of health facilities. The programs efforts will also have an impact on the MSP national directorates involved in the planning and analysis of interventions. Finally, the fact that the program is managed by a Regional Direction of Public Health (DRSP) favors by the proximity of the activities a better coordination for its implementation.


Mother And Child Health & SRHR


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