Sucessful in Senegal - Technical vocational education and training

GIZ, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 3,968,994 EUR

The government of Senegal, through the Emerging Senegal Plan (Plan Sénégal Emergent), aims to reduce socio-economic inequalities between rural and urban areas, as well as to improve the economic prospects of young people. Hence, long-term job creation is one of its main priorities, as well as the improvement of vocational education and training to adapt it to the labour market needs. Furthermore, there is a strong focus on promoting social inclusion and sectors that innovate and hire.

Since universal access to energy is an essential condition for improving future prospects, there is an emphasis on renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency issues. And since the economic development of a country can only be achieved by encompassing all its active forces, the government of Senegal also wants to focus on migratory flows to and from Senegal, through numerous initiatives which aim at reintegrating returnees into the labour market and at supporting migrants. In this perspective, the GIZ project consists of three fields of intervention: Professional perspectives, vocational education and training, and public relations. GFA is in charge of "Vocational education and training", which aims at strengthening young peoples access to new attractive occupational profiles in the field of renewable energies and services, with a particular focus on women and returnees.

The objective is to train 2,800 young men and women, as well as teachers/trainers and staff of training institutions through approximately 110 courses, whose content, methodology and duration will be developed in order to best meet the real demand of the labour market. The panel of courses is ranging from two-year apprenticeships to one- to four-week courses, as well as one- to six-month vocational trainings. The team is also actively working to promote and raise the visibility of the vocational training offer thus developed by setting up a vast information platform.


Labour Market & Employment Promotion
Tvet & Skills Development
Energy Efficiency
Displacement And Migration

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