Technical and vocational education and training in the water- and solar energy sector

GIZ, 2023 - 2025
Contract value: 1,713,115 EUR

"Thriving through Innovative Vocational Education and Training in the Water and Energy Sectors (THRIVE)".

The overall objective of the project is to increase the labor market orientation of technical vocational education and training in the water and solar energy sector for young people. The project aims to support Vocational Training Institutions (VTIs) through labor market oriented education and training in the water and solar energy sector in cooperation with public and private enterprises. The project concept focuses on vocational training through an integrated approach that combines vocational training with job placement and business development. THRIVE aims to improve the framework conditions for demand-driven vocational education and training (VET) and to strengthen the capacity of public and private VET stakeholders with regard to VET in the water and solar energy sector. This will be linked to market demand and employment prospects for youth. The project addresses all three levels (individual / organizational / society) of the capacity development approach. It includes advisory services to TEVETA professionals and decision makers and direct support to six public VTIs in Lusaka, Luapula and Southern provinces.

The project is implemented in collaboration with business associations (such as the Solar Industry Association of Zambia), multi-stakeholder structures (such as the Skills Advisory Group (SAG) for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS), and private and public companies). The approach aims to facilitate cooperation between public and private actors by linking TVET with employment, including a cooperative vocational training (CVT) approach.

The below-average participation of women in vocational training and employment in both sectors is to be increased through gender-sensitive vocational training courses for young women, the appointment of qualified gender focal points in vocational training institutions and gender sensitization of public and private actors. The skills award short courses in solar energy will be integrated as solar energy modules into craft level courses for electricians.


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