Toolkit on strengthening digital competences in VET and higher education

GIZ, 2022 - 2022
Contract value: 52,000 EUR

Digital literacy has been identified as a key skill for the 21st century. But how can digital literacy be specifically strengthened in VET and higher education? To answer this question, GFA, as part of the VET Toolbox project and on behalf of GIZ, has developed a practice-oriented toolkit for strengthening digital literacy in VET and higher education. The aim of the toolkit is to provide guidance, inspiration and good practice examples to VET stakeholders and project implementers on how to effectively strengthen digital literacy. In the toolkit, experiences and materials from more than 20 projects have been collected and developed into recommendations, which not only cover "classical" vocational education and training and higher education, but also describe measures outside the formal education sector.

With regard to digitization, VET programs face a number of challenges: There is a lack of education and training programs that focus on digital literacy and meet the needs of the labor market. There is insufficient access to labor market information and weak collaboration with the private sector to identify skills needs. Digital and personalized teaching and learning formats are rare, and girls and women in particular often do not have the opportunity to acquire digital skills, leading to a digital gender gap. The Toolkit for Strengthening Digital Literacy in Vocational and Higher Education aims to help address these challenges and identify solutions - for those interested in learning more about the importance of digital literacy for employability.

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