Energy efficiency in Argentina

EU, 2018 - 2021
Contract value: 4,309,100 EUR

The European Union, through its partnership instrument, supports Argentina´s efforts to modernize its energy sector through the project “Energy Efficiency in Argentina”. The purpose of the project is to support the introduction of EE measures in key sectors of the Argentinian economy, and to assist with the development of the related legal and regulatory framework. The overall project beneficiary and coordinating partner is the Ministry of Energy and Mining, with the Undersecretary for Energy Efficiency as the direct partner of the project. The European Commission has been supporting the reform policies of the Argentinean government since the installation of the new administration in late 2015. In this context, energy reform is an important element, as it affects both macroeconomic and fiscal issues, and is at the center of Argentinas targets for sustainable development and climate change mitigation. The project´s overall objective is clearly defined as “support to shape a more sustainable, environment-friendly and efficient energy sector”. In order to achieve this objective the project will:

  • showcase state-of-the-art technological EE solutions and best practices,
  • develop a national energy efficiency plan, as well as the required policy and regulatory framework,
  • provide technical assistance for standards and labelling, energy management in industry and public sector, and participation in international EE activities.



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