Sustainable energies - Energy Efficiency

GIZ, 2019 - 2021
Contract value: 2,074,649 EUR

The sustainable energy program (Programme Energies Durable, P.E.D.) aims to improve the conditions for the implementation of climate friendly sustainable energy services. It reflects the overall official objective of the German TC in Senegal, which is currently been finalised. The project has five focus areas are political framework conditions, vocational training in renewable energies, energy efficiency, productive use of solar energy, and rural electrification. GFA is in charge of the area 4 (energy efficiency). It aims at the improvement of information and offers of services for public and private stakeholders, which highlight the economic potential of energy efficiency. 

The target groups of the project are private consumers as well as commercial and industrial energy users. Priority segments will be identified with the program cooperation partners (micro-level), based on existing preliminary studies. They will enable replicable successes. Groups of products (e.g. lamps, refrigerators, air-conditioning, etc.) and sectors (households, private and/or public office buildings, workshops, production facilities, etc.) will be addressed by specific applications. Advice will be provided to the Agency for Economics and Energy Management (AEME) on activities carried out for information purposes, awareness raising and pilot projects addressing users and providers. The project will select specific companies or institutions for pilot installations showcasing energy efficiency technologies and demonstrating their economic attractiveness for investors and financing institutions. Accompanying measures will also be developed by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) and AEME, such as regulatory initiatives, voluntary labelling which document energy consumption standards. Regulatory processes will be pursued in line with the longer term processes of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.



Energy Efficiency


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