Structural change in Ukrainian coal regions

GIZ, 2023 - 2024
Contract value: 130,430 EUR

The objective of the project "Just Transition Ukraine" (JT project) is to enable Ukraine to implement the structural change associated with the phase-out of coal in a socially and economically sustainable manner, with the involvement of civil society and the use of appropriate support instruments in accordance with the concepts of Just Transition and Green Recovery (overall objective). To achieve the overall objective, the project operates in five fields of action:

  • Facilitation of political dialogue on structural change in Ukraine and organizational and content-related support for the "German Special Representative for Structural Change in Ukrainian Coal Regions".
  • Advising and supporting the Ukrainian government in the development of the national strategic and legal framework for structural change in the coal regions at the national level.
  • Preparation and implementation of pilot projects and strengthening of local and regional institutions: Policymakers, business and civil society in the pilot regions will be advised and supported in the development and pilot implementation of technical measures for the closure of two mines and action plans for a just transition.
  • The project supports the Ukrainian government in establishing a financing facility to support structural change, embedded in a multi-donor trust fund, based on the concept of green recovery.
  • The project will support the Ukrainian government in developing and implementing a comprehensive communication strategy that demonstrates the potential of structural change in Ukraines coal regions in order to promote social consensus.

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