Implementation of the 4E project in Viet Nam

GIZ, 2021 - 2023
Contract value: 1,644,000 EUR

The project aims to improve the prerequisites for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vietnam. Exemplary activities include: 

  • Revision and analysis of the energy legislation and related regulations, including the preparation of a roadmap for defining a renewable energy law;
  • Review of the MOIT up-coming bidding/auctioning mechanism for wind power energy, especially for off-shore wind, including issues relating to connection agreement and PPA
  • Assessment of GH2 export potential for Viet Nam, including the geospatial analysis of solar and wind resources using GIS tool, recommendation of potential sites for RE power generation, calculation of Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) for solar PV, wind and hybrid systems, calculation of the Levelized cost of GH2 (LCOH) and green ammonia (LCOA), calculation of GH2 shipping cost from Viet Nam to potential importing countries (i.e., Europe, Japan and South Korea), analysis of Viet Nam’s GH2 export advantages and disadvantages and formulation of recommendations to enhance the advantages and overcome the disadvantages
  • Contribution to a net zero roadmap for Viet Nam and support to the energy transition process
  • Conduct studies on internationally applied technologies in the energy efficiency sector and strengthen the cooperation between EE technology providers and the end users in Viet Nam


Energy Efficiency


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