Scale up renewables and energy efficiency

Ivory Coast
GIZ, 2023 - 2025
Contract value: 382,953 EUR

Within German Development Cooperation with Côte dIvoire, ProFERE is the flagship project of Technical Cooperation in the priority area Climate and Energy, Just Transition. The project complements the commitment of the German Financial Cooperation (KfW) to support the Ivorian government in implementing its RE/EE reforms.

The project works to develop institutional, financial and human capacities to support Côte dIvoire in achieving its NDCs. The project is fully integrated into the countrys sector policy and will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy, MMPE. Other institutional partners include the Ministry of Technical Education, Vocational Training and Apprenticeship (METFPA), the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS), and the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MINEDD).

The project has four outputs:

  • Output 1 aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of the MMPE and related government agencies to promote RE/EE. This includes the capacity to develop RE/EE support schemes that can be (co-)financed by international climate funds and to improve the legal and regulatory framework where necessary.
  • Output 2 aims to improve the range of RE/EE consulting and training services offered by private sector associations to their members. The project will work with both demand and supply-side associations to create long-term demand for quality products and services.
  • Output 3 supports activities aimed at strengthening the capacity of the MMPE to monitor the level of implementation of energy-related measures outlined in the NDCs. To this end, the development of an MRV system will be supported.
  • Output 4 works to strengthen professional training in the field of RE/EE and increase the number of specialized professionals in the field. New training courses will be developed and integrated into the Ivorian education system in order to meet the current and future demand for skilled workers.

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